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  1. It wasn't the sexual harassment that she was dealing with that made her quit, that basically happened separately, months ago, and other people they knew (that were not employees of this business) told him to back off. It was her boss inserting herself into this gal's personal life, insisting that she break up with my nephew in favor of this other employee. The girl was having panic attacks about going to work, knowing she'd spend her entire shift with her employer in her face ranting about it. It was a very inappropriate employer/employee relationship - this woman had no business whatsoever trying to control this girl's personal life. When we went, with the police officer, to get the gal's stuff and turn in her keys, the woman seemed on the edge of some kind of mental breakdown. It was a little scary...I've seen some strange things but I've never seen anything like this! We were very glad the officer was wearing a bodycam and saw for himself how tense the situation was.
  2. Thank you for your advice. Since she gave notice, and wasn't fired, per se, would it still be considered wrongful termination? We really think that was going to happen in the next day or so anyway. Other employees who worked on her day off have since told her that the boss spent their entire shifts ranting to them about it, and making them very uncomfortable at work.
  3. I think her problem was more that of her employer interfering in her personal life than the issue with the other employee. He hardly ever shows up at work.
  4. I am asking for a friend. She is a young woman who has been dating my nephew for about 3 years. Her employer of 4 years doesn't like him, and has spent an inordinate amount of time and effort trying to break them up and get her to date another young man who is also an employee. This man is considerably older than she is, and has also acted very inappropriately to her, sexually harassing her outside the workplace. This girl finally had enough of both of their actions, and two days ago gave notice, as she was becoming more and more uncomfortable at work. The employer, a woman quite a bit older than she is, flipped out. She sent her several threatening and harassing text messages on her phone, and called her early in the morning to yell at her. The employer even tried to pick a fight with the girl's mother when she was visiting from out of town yesterday. Today, the employer allowed her to come to the business to turn in her key and collect her personal items. I accompanied her, as this woman's mental stability is very concerning, and we also had a policeman as a civil standby. He has the exchange recorded on bodycam. This employer has spent the last few days trash-talking the girl all over our tiny (pop. 1200) town, without cause. This girl is the only employee who showed up, for all her shifts and covered several others. She was the most honest and reliable employee at the store. We are wondering if she has any recourse for her employer taking such an obsessive and inappropriate interest in her private life. I have never seen anything like this, and I'm almost old enough to retire!
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