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  1. I'm gonna try to skim through this without missing any key areas. This begins in January when my current boyfriend's ex freaked out and went after me after seeing he was with someone. So, I freaked out left my 2 daughters with my exhusband and ran as to avert her attention towards me. Fast forward 3 months later and my bf and I are back in our home state. I find out that my children have been split up. My oldest daughter is still with my ex husband. But my youngest is now living with her illegitimate father, whom she doesn't know nor has he filed any legal papers to establish paternity. I want her back. But everyone is saying I need to go through the courts. While away my ex filed emergency custody and now has guardianship over my kids. Between the two men, they believe drugs and all sorts of illegal things had been going on. None of which are true, but it does raise eyebrows amongst anyone I've talked to. So, how do I go about getting them back, namely my youngest, without alot of issue? If I go to court, I would have to represent myself, and I'm not sure what all I need to prove in order to get her back home.
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