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  1. I have been at my current job for seven months. In that time, they have been paying me a pretty decent rate but never gave me electronic access to my paystubs. Fast forward to April, I began the closing process on a house. I requested a print out of my paystubs. My boss consequently saw my pay rate, which I assume he was either unaware of or thought was in error. I heard talk that he shopped my pay rate amongst a number of fellow employees. He has likely changed my pay, I suspect, but has not come to me directly to tell me such. I will find out in two weeks when I get paid, I guess. Problem is, my mortgage loan is based on my earnings. If my pay is reduced, it will drastically affect my financial health and ability to pay said mortgage. Location: Alabama Do I have any recourse? The pay difference would be to the tune of $3 per hour or $600 a month.
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