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  1. Hi AdjusterJack, Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, we are going to find a lawyer to help us with this matter. Thank you again for your help~
  2. Thanks so much for your reply. #PayrollHRGuy and #adjusterjack. One of our competitors is using the slogan "Three is better than two" on their website. It seems that they do not own the copyright. Is it risky for us to use the slogan on the billboard? Or shall we register the Trademark before we use it on the billboard?
  3. We are going to advertise our threesome app on the billboard in LA. I am wondering: 1. Is it legal to advertise such dating app(a dating app for singles and couples who are interesting in a threesome) in LA? Does it conflict with the local law? 2. We are going to use the slogan"Three is better than two" for the advertisement. But it seems that there is a novel named "Three is better than two". is it legal to use the slogan? Thanks in advance! John
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