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  1. I don't know why the will has not gone into probate. I only have her say so that everything was left to her. I am looking into getting an attorney to help me with this situation.
  2. my step-mother is the executrix of my Dad's Will. He died in Sept 2017. The will has not gone into probate. She refuses to show me the will or to tell me who their lawyer is. Now she tells me that my Dad's will no longer exists, that it was destroyed because she has made a new will for herself. Supposedly my Dad left everything to her (they left everything to each other) that includes the house and family cottage (value around $275,000 total) Doesn't my Dad's Will have to be presented before Surrogate court first, for waivers to be signed by his adult children , before she is allowed to make changes to my Dad's wishes I don't know about? I have been trying to be nice and patient because there are many things in the house that belonged to my Mom who died 35 yrs ago and I want to make sure I get her things. She is going to be putting the house on the market this summer. She is 85 years old and trying to keep every penny for herself, two adult daughters and her grandkids.
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