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  1. I quite agree with your responses as I am aware of (Superior response). The issue is there could be a loss to the company for about US$30,000+ if amount not recovered from client. Because of this context is it legal for the Company to suspend both Subordinate and Supervisor? Thanks
  2. As long as the same crimes were committed at different times, the culprit is liable. I am sure you are not bringing in an instance of Double Jeopardy which is different from this scenario. In the latter it simply means one cannot be punished twice for a single crime he/she committed. If a court of competent jurisdiction has already applied punitive measures for a crime, another court cannot prescribe further punishment for this same crime... But in any case refer to a legal expert on this matter.
  3. Yes probably based on the following: 1. Company Policy 2. If that's the only safe means of travel 3. Time constraints based on distance 4. or Labor requirements 5. etc
  4. Can a Supervisor be held accountable for the act of his subordinate? I the case the company loses money as a result of the subordinate's negligence should the subordinate and his supervisor be subjected to the same disciplinary actions even if found that the supervisor did not commit the act?
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