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  1. I was told it only reset the clock if I would've went back to the surgeon that created the injury 🤔 Why would I go back!!
  2. I live in the state of Nebraska, I know the statue of limitations on filing a lawsuit is 2 years. I had a partial left knee replacement on May 17, 2017, for almost 2 years I continue to have experience pain in that knee and unable to kneel on that knee. I attempt several times to get someone here in Nebraska to look at my knee to no avail. I was referred to a ortho doctor in IA and found due to the damage from the partial I had to have a total left knee replacement as well as needing to have my right knee replaced as well. No I don't play football, my surgeon was over zealous in giving cortisone injections. I had a total of 5 in 4 months...3 injections in my left knee and 2 in my right knee and I'm diabetic. I was not informed of the risks of cortisone injections, I was not aware you should only have 3 a year I trusted my doctor who came highly recommended. So my question is, because the injury was discovered 10/26/18 does this reset the clock for statue of limitations to the date of discovery? Also, I had a MRI in February 2018 showing thinning of the meniscus by the time I had my second MRI I had missing and loose cartilage. The only thing I did different was receive 3 injections in my left between February and April. Your time and reply is greatly appreciated.
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