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  1. Who do I call mvd or dispatch or detective or what?! Again, my only concern is if I am going to be held criminally by a charge & an arrest if it’s stolen?!? Am I crazy? I’m scared w out knowing what is going to occur. Ok?
  2. Is that what police are going to say to me? That I’m giving a sob-story??? Omg. I really need the legal ramifications.
  3. Arizona. I am not worried about the money & an 100% committed to handing it over if it is stolen. My concern is is that if I call am I going to be arrested?!? That’s it. I’m sick about it w fear. I could care less about my financial loss- it was a bad mistake I made in the situation & pressure to buy. It was all I could do to insist that I’m not paying until I have the title. I am NOT looking nor is this a sob story, Sir. I really want advise because I am afraid of ring charges w having it if it is stolen. I’ve been through a lot & do not need this. I need a legal point.
  4. I purchased a quad w agreement on 50% payment then balance when I got title. Now I cannot reach reach the man his phone no longer is valid & he has not sent me the title. Now I’m afraid it may be stolen, or, he knew of repairs now necessary. I’m scared to death to call in vin because I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble. What the heck can I do please? 😳
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