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  1. It all implies that I was being more difficult than I actually was. She goes on to make it seem like I'm making things up and changing my story through out. while I was upset and that's a fact I know some of the facts are incorrect to her advantage. She even spelt my name wrong too. I requested not to see this Dr anymore and was told to leave the practice.. no one every asked what happened and why I was so upset. They just have her record of the event. I just want my medical record to state that facts and not her spin on it. I was upset and crying after the exam but that is not mentioned. I was denied care from another practice after they reviewed this record already. I cannot prove any of this or how she spoke down to me when I was on my back belly exposed. Im pregnant and need care for my OB needs and because of the way she makes me sound like a crazy person I am being denied care. I don't know how to handle this? ask her to correct?
  2. my example: Doctor states that I denied pelvic exam several time in report. In reality the doctor never suggested a pelvic exam, only the RN did before the exam actually started and it was regarding another issue not the reason I was there or that the Dr. was referring to. Another example: Doctor states after I "became unable to calm down" she included a chaperone for the remainder of the exam, but in reality the exam was over and I was on my way out of the office when I approached her and asked about her behavior only then we went back into the room with another staff member.
  3. I had a bad experience with a doctor and in my medical records the notes from that day state some facts but also some untrue events. I believe these untrue events make me seem like an extra difficult or irrational patient and any future doctor may deny me care because of it. Do I contact the doctor to correct? should I call or write a letter? it is legal for her to do, and how can it be proved? Thank you.
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