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  1. "End up in court" Interesting, what kind of legal repercussions? AT least I'd have his attention. He has listed the entire property for sale, including my portion without my permission..
  2. "But you don't own the property yet." But neither does he. So you are saying I have to continue to pay for him pumping the water that goes through my basement. The garage apartment was added years after the farm house.
  3. I live on a farm in SE PA. I have been named the heir to the original farm house. There is a garage apartment on the same property that was left to an uncle. The water from the garage apartment comes directly from the basement of the original farm house. My uncle is causing a lot of legal problems for me. I would like to shut off the water which is coming through my house. We are paying for the electricity to pump his water. Can I do this? The estate has not yet been distributed. I live in the original farm house.
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