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  1. Landlord broke into home and stole the front and back doors off the home along with the stove and refrigerator that was just filled with over $700 worth of food. Filed a police report. Landlord claimed they had nothing to do with it. We had just been given our 3 day quit notice, and then that happened. So while we were waiting on detective to get back to us on the investigation, the landlord never replaced anything. Then almost 2 weeks later we were told that he had gotten the judge to sign the eviction order at a hearing we were never served notice of. He's the city building inspector so even the constable is lying for him. Needless to say we were foraceably removed from the property And our belongings thrown in the street to be looted by passerby's, even though we lived on a not so traveled dead end street. How do we press charges on our landlord for burglary and theft of property? And also get back some of the things we lost in damages when he's got the whole town willing to lie for him. Also the doors that went missing magically reappeared on the house as soon as he had our things removed.
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