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  1. To clear things up.. I know someone driving a vehicle in NJ that has an Arizona dealer plate attached to the back of it. The registration for the plate Belongs to a company that the driver of the vehicle does not work for. Also, the VIN on the vehicle shows that it is registered to a person in NJ and that the car has a NJ license plate assigned to it. what I’m trying to figure out is if under Arizona and NJ law.. is this illegal? Is the car stolen? Was the VIN swapped? Etc
  2. Personal knowledge? Why post if you don’t offer to enlighten me?
  3. This question pertains to New Jersey. I’ve been attempting to look this up but have only found guidelines and nothing that is specific on my incident. Hypothetically if I have a vehicle that is registered to someone with its own license plate, am i able to put an Arizona Vehicle Dealer plate on this vehicle? I came across a vehicle with an Arizona vehicle dealer plate on a car and the paperwork shown for that plate was not specific. The VIN to the vehicle came back to a the same vehicle but was registered to someone else and not the dealer the person possessing the vehicle claimed the car belonged to. Im pretty much trying to figure out if this vehicle may be stolen or the plate may be being used in a fictitious manner.
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