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  1. I’m sure your right, but I hope not. Thanks for the response adjusterjack.
  2. Eminent domain has nothing to do with this. No one is trying to take the property. I did meet with a local attorney. He did give some tips and I’m sure he can help me if need be but he couldn’t or wouldn’t give many particulars. He definitely knows some of the local officials but maybe too cozy with them. It just seems like a big over reach by the city. I just want to build a single family residence on a lot zoned for exactly that.
  3. Problem: The city is asking me to put in a 75 foot cul-de-sac on my property and pay for it to provide a turn around for city service trucks like garbage, snow plows, etc...even though they have dealt with this condition today and for the last 20 years. Unless I agree to this request, they will not allow me to put in a culvert and driveway to access my property off the end of the dead end road. In order to install the culvert, I need a county drain permit which I have, another permit from the city to remove the guard rail, and a building permit. We do not have our home plan done yet but wanted to access the property to clear and prepare it. The city planner seems upset that we bought this lot for a private residence which prevents some future development plans and possible connectivity to future roads. Right now, there is not a lot of building activity in the area and has not been for about 15 years. Questions: - Doesn’t there have to be city ordinance that backs up this demand? - Aren’t there state laws that guarantee the right to access your property? - What should my next steps be? Background: I purchased this 26 acre lot within the city limits of a smaller city in Michigan to build a home on. The lot was originally a part of about 116 acres that was at the back of a subdivision that was going to be platted but was lost to a local bank during the real estate bust around 2008/9. One of the subdivision roads dead ends (1 of 9 dead ends in the sub) into my property which was never platted and has no easements on it. There is a small county drain that runs along the lot line that my property shares with the road. The remaining 90 undeveloped acres have other dead end roads providing access to it.
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