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  1. Upon notification of my inheritance I hired a trust attorney,and inquired about SNT trusts, I had only received 150,000 and knew It was not enough to buy a home and live on. My attorney became very aggressive and insisted I sign the trust she had drawn up. She had even brought in a professional fiduciary for my trustee, by this time I was crying confused and repeatedly said I did not want to do it ,she ignored me and proceeded anyways squeezed my shoulder I said I only care about ending up with a place to live. "TRUST ME" she insisted I sign as she could guarantee I could buy a mobile home in a particular area .I came to find out that there were mobile homes I could afford but I would never qualify or be able to pay space rent and utilities. I was devastated as now I was locked into homelessness by the terms of the trust. The trustee upon learning of my fate said he already knew I would not qualify and said nothing until after the trust was in effect. I live in a storage yard in an old camper no plumbing ,shower,cooking,internet or tv no heat or a/c .My attorney and the trustee could care less I have been unable to get either one of them to do anything .SSI was never made aware of the trust she said she filed SSI reduced my benefits from 989.00 to 750.00 as a penalty. My trustee has not filed my taxes or provide me statements. He has no problem paying the attorney from the trust 550.00 for an hour of her time. I had given him two weeks notice that I was going to mexico to have dental implants only to sit in a motel waiting 5 days for money as he could not figure out how to send a wire transfer. The trustee knows nothing about SNT trusts and I come to find has a criminal record, demographic crimes ? ( preying on the elderly ) that would be my guess and has a license to administer narcotics....... I found a person I wanted to be my trustee and my attorney( the trustkeeper ) Is now telling me no . Somebody that is not corrupt tell me what I can do pleeeeeze.
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