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  1. My R1 was stolen from my home by a repair shop who was told to go pick it up by someone who claimed the bike was theirs.They took it from my driveway while i was asleep. I find out where my bike is& contact them.The sales guy who has my bike tries to offer me 600 bucks to sell my bike .I say no & tell them i want my bike back.I explain to them that the bike is mine & not the other guys,I have the documents to prove it. the sales guy then sends me all the emails that corresponded between him& dude that claims my bike is his.They did 2000 dollars worth of work on my bike.i told the sales guy i cant pay for it & never asked for any of that to be done to my bike to begin with & he then claims to me that they never worked on my bike & that its sitting in the garage at there shop I have proof by emails that they did do repairs to my bike.The sales guy then tells me i can come up & get my bike anytime. I make arrangements to get my bike & the sales guy makes me pay $77 for an estimate fee or i cant get my bike even tho i never asked for it. I pay the 77 bucks & then im told i cant take my bike today its in the back & to hard to get to.They still have my bike and wont return my calls
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