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  1. About a month ago, I was involved in a minor accident that resulted in no injuries and no police report. We both called the local police department, and an officer arrived within minutes. We gave our statements to the officer, who concluded that the other party was at-fault because he impeded my right of way and basically told him that he needs to look both ways before getting onto the main road. I was already in the lane preparing to turn right at a main intersection, and he was trying to get onto the main road from a shopping center. The point of collision was before the intersection. The damage to my car was a few scrapes on the right front bumper and a crack on the right side of the grille, which totalled about $1300 in the estimate the other insurance company sent me (based on the pictures I took of my car and the damage). The other driver's car had more visible damage on only the driver's side fender (it was dented where I had hit him). The at-fault driver was apparently driving a company car that is not covered under his policy, and he flat-out refused to give the information of the insurer of his company car when my insurance company requested it because he doesn't want to be held liable. My insurance company advised me to pay my deductible to get the car repaired, and they would go into arbitration with the other insurance company to recover my deductible. My claims adjuster had already gotten the other party's statement, explained the rules of the road to him, and declared no-fault on my part. Turns out that the at-fault party gave his insurance company a different statement. FYI, this accident occurred in Annandale, Virginia. According to the Fairfax County P.D., an officer is not required to file a police report if the accident is considered non-reportable to the DMV and if damages are less than $1500. If you want to see where the accident occurred, you can look at Google Earth and search for the Braddock Road/Little River Turnpike intersection, then close in on the shopping center across from the Home Depot. Edwards St. and Little River Turnpike is approximately where the collision occurred. My questions are, does the at-fault party have an obligation to disclose the company car's insurer in an accident, and can the at-fault refuse to be recorded via phone by the other insurance company?
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