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  1. Ye Me and my mother both got green card in California when I was 19. So in this case, with the financial dependent condition, the CA residency is still not eligible?
  2. thanks for the help. I just need one class to transfer the credit to my original college to finish the degree. So every college has a different requirement to qualified the CA residency? Because my other college charges me in-state student tuition.
  3. I enrolled in the Santa Monica College, CA this Spring to finish my BFA degree. Despite I have a Green Card they charge me with non-residence tuition. They asked me to send in a form and three support documents listed in the form to prove my residency. So I did. After reviewing my documents they still denied me. They said I can't approve my financial independence. Upon reviewing the bank statement they see a big chunk of saving is sent from my parent. I have to admit I don't have a steady job here yet. mostly a bunch of indie-film production gigs and I got paid by cash. So I'm confused, am I not eligible for in-state student tuition even I have a green card? Here is the website and Forms. http://smc.edu/EnrollmentDevelopment/Admissions/Pages/Residency-Requirements.aspx
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