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  1. Butter personally called me, seller, to ask for early possession 3 days before closing. I already stated no by proper channels through my agent from buyer's request through her agent. I stupidly answered phone call, she requested again, I again said no due to liability and legal issues. My agent then recieved call from her agent stating they will not close and are terminating. All repairs were completed, all negotiations were approved. All that had to be done was signing closing docs. They missed 2 appts to do walk thru. My agent requested atleast twice for termination paperwork to be sent from buyers agent/ buyer. Buyers agent will not communicate or respond. My agents BIC had contacted buyers BIC. Still no response. I cannot due anything for 14 days real estate lawyer, mine, said I would be in breach of contract. Let alone I am being charged daily interest, etc causing my payoff to increase.
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