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  1. A copy of the abstract showing what documents were searched and found, chain of title, etc. In New Jersey when property is searched the attorney gets a copy of the title search with copies of past deeds, mortgages, liens etc. I'm not sure what the difference is between title abstract and title search, I suspect its the same thing, but I paid almost $600.00 for title to be searched and the deed from the seller states "deed was prepared without benefit of title examination". In NJ, the buyers attorney does a search, sends the copy of the search with property description, including any exceptions to title (right of way, etc) to the seller's attorney and that is what is used to prepare the deed.
  2. I recently purchased a home in South Carolina and paid for title search and policy. Am I entitled to a copy of the title search I paid for? Attorney says she will give me the title policy, but not the search.
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