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  1. The judge is new in our County she is known as the second chance judge. She gave someone who had attempted murder 5 years on home detention
  2. My husband plead guilty to two separate charges. One charge was criminal domestic violence in the first degree, which he was sentenced to five years suspended to 18 months of home detention, and the second charge of domestic violence in the second degree, he was sentenced to three years suspended to 18 months of home detention with one year of probation, as well as no contact with me, the victim, unless it involved our two children. And the sentences were ran concurrent. After getting him out on home detention, 5 days later he was arrested on a violation of the home detention, for going to the store too many times. When he goes back in front of a judge will they give him the original sentence before the sentence was suspended, which was five years for one charge and three years for the other charge, or will he most likely just have to go to prison for the 18 months that he was given for the home detention?
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