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  1. he died about 13 years ago. ANd yes it created as we have papers that prove it and my Kids went to a local branch and they confirmed it was created. The bank stated that it needs to be closed by the trustee so the funds can be distributed to the beneficiaries (my adult children).
  2. Well we found the name of the bank and have the account numbers. my daughter went to a local branch of the bank and found out that the trustee needs to closeout the account so the funds can be distributed to the beneficiaries. I don't have the phone number of the trustee as it was my father's girl friend.
  3. My father had created a gift trust for my children while he was alive and then had money placed into another trust for them when he died in his will. I have information and receive statements for the gift trust but I can con not find any info on the trust that was created when he past. My daughter is turning of age for the trusts in a few months and wants to use the money to further her education. What can I do to find out info for the second trust.
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