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  1. No it was not a new truck, after purchasing the car it broke down so the dealer asked me to drive it to the mechanic, and gave me there word that they would fix what ever issue was going on. However now the machanic says the truck won’t start at all or go into gear. And the dealer wants me to pay half the repairs. There is no warranty just the fact that they gave me they’re word and it’s been two weeks I still don’t have the truck in my possession I feel like they stole my money.
  2. So I recently purchased a pick up truck for Just a little over 10,000 upon purchasing the vehicle the dealership agreed to fix the knock sensors however after the mechanic look at the vehicle they said that the transmission was bad Not even five hours of me having the car in my possession it left me stranded now the dealership wants me to pay for half of the repairs which I don’t feel I should be responsible for what can I do. Not to mention it’s been a little over two weeks and I still do not have the vehicle is at the mechanic I gave 3000 down for this vehicle and I finance the rest through the bank I will like these people stole my money and are trying to steal more for the repairs I’ve had to use an Uber to get around and to work which has been very costly
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