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  1. She put that up too. There was never a fence there before she moved in.
  2. I will agree. Brand new concrete looks pretty but that is beside the point. Addidionaly, that field drain is there for the benefit of my garage- to take ground water away from the foundation. Now it is raised 3 inches. I thought about paving the rest of the driveway and putting up a divider of some sort to reclaim my land but I feel like that is utterly un-neighborly. She could park, but she wouldnt have room to open the door. I am really annoyed. And to think, I was planning on getting the whole thing recoated and paying for her section just out of courtesy. I would rather not drag an old widow into court. I am really stumped.
  3. I would appreciate advice on how to handle this situation. I have a relatively new neighbor. Prior to my ownership of my home, the previous homeowners paved side by side asphalt driveways so it is like one big shared driveway. My property extends 2 ft past where my garage is. There is no fence or anything dividing the property or marking the property lines. While my spouse and I were at work, the new neighbor hired someone to rip up "her section" of the driveway and pour a new concrete pad in its place. In the process they ripped up 2 feet of our driveway including my field drain. Before the concrete was even poured, my husband tried talking to the contractor who insisted the property line ended at my garage. I finally found my land survey after they poured the concrete. My husband addressed the error with the neighbor but she doesn't want to deal with it and even blamed my husband for not telling her sooner. She is an older woman who lives alone. She has got to be over 75. I feel bad that this happened and clearly her contractor...well "handyman" really...did not do his due dilligence prior to starting this. At any rate, I want my driveway back. I would appreciate any advice on how best to handle this. By the way, if we were to separate the property at the property line, she really would not have room to park a car there to begin with. The driveway situation was perfectly fine. I don't even know why she did this.
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