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  1. He was married at the time of his death. I am the only child. It is his only real property he owned. And the property is worth less then $15,000 on a really good day.
  2. Said piece of property has never been a issue in any of his divorce proceedings. There has been NO probate proceedings ever done.
  3. On my fathers death certificate, I am listed as the Informant, his daughter, and my mailing address.
  4. My Dad pasted about a year ago with no will. He was married at that time. He has owned a vacant piece of property (less 1/2 acre) for 15 + years in California. He purchased it with his wife at that time. Within a couple of years he was awarded sole ownership of said property in the divorce. Since then, he has been married and divorced several more times, all the while said property has remained in his name as sole owner. I am now ready to transfer said property into my name, along with paying all of the back property taxes that are due on it. Am I within my rights to do this?
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