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  1. I dont think so sir. Though most people would kill for those houres. As a dairy farm employee sometimes we go six months without a day off and no overtime.
  2. Thanks for the help guys but I decided to beat him up and take my title. Just got the old girl registered this morning.
  3. Well I do have the option to get a bonded title. Registration isn't the problem. My main goal is to keep ownership
  4. Recently I traded vehicles with sombody and I only recieved a bill of sale. I traded a 2004 chevy truck for a 2001 mustang GT. Stupidly i gave him his title but i didnt recieve mine. Now even though the man i traded with is 28 years old his mother is claiming she still has guardianship over him and that my bill of sale is invalid because of that fact. She is now threatening to come take the car back if i dont trade back with him. He has been beating my truck around town to the point that i dont want it back. Do i have legal ownership of my car or not. I reside in New Hampshire. Also I have done lots of mechanical work to the car meanwhile he has beat the poor truck into the ground.
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