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  1. the newborn was born drug addicted the kids were taken from the mother who just got released from jail now is in a 1 year drug program. 2 year old and newborn are biologically my husbands brothers however he did not sign the birth certificates and no we can not locate him . . no one to get child support from i could only get wic and tenncare for the children no familiys 1st due to legally they are not family..
  2. i willingly took custody of 3 children ages 16 , 2 and a newborn . the kids are my husbands relatives however i signed the papers to take temporary custody.. i feel like i was mislead regarding the length of time and the whole process is very new to me . i can not receive any benefits except wic . i have 2 children of my own ages 3 and 6. i am now completely broke my whole savings is gone due to child care expenses , clothing and taking care of these kids.. i have missed at least 3 weeks from work that i didnt get paid for in the last 3 months due to court dates and these kids being sick . i am broke, exhausted and on the verge of a mental breakdown, i called my DCS office to ask for help or to find a new placement for them and i was told there is nothing i can do they are my responsibility point blank . please advise on how to overturn the temporary custody in Tennessee
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