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  1. Hi guys, I understand DUI's over the age of 22 cannot be expunged in HI but if you are trying to apply somewhere and they have to run a background check--do they not show up after so many years? Or if a school program was to runs a background check will they still see the DUI on there? Some one was telling me that it falls off after 7 or 10 years but sometimes I cant believe what they say?
  2. Aloha all, I was needing some serious help or education on if I can get my DUI set a side or expunged? When I was 22 years old I got a DUI in Hawaii and now that I am 29 years old and am trying to apply for a nursing program; they told me that I would have to see if I could get my DUI expunged or set a side, otherwise I wouldn't get accepted when they would run my background check and if it gets picked up. I have to admit, I made a lot of stupid mistakes and this has to be the biggest! I tried to go to the Hawaii justice court website and inquiry with them but they only have a paper form for anyone that was under the age of 21 to get it expunged? Does anyone know if I can get this done or not or would I have to hire a lawyer but then that comes to my other concern about how expensive lawyers can be?? Any help or information would be Terrific! Thank you!
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