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  1. Yes, they cut off Walker Canyon at the end of the day Sunday. You are correct there. You must have missed, however, how they had road blocks up at 2 of the 3 exits out of the city starting at 7 am each morning last weekend. You're probably right though. Prohibiting anyone, even residents, from accessing the majority of the city for an entire weekend is not cutting the entire city off. You seem super fun! Like you're great at parties! Let's hang out this weekend in Lake Elsinore!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm a resident of Lake Elsinore, CA, the place that the entire country is currently losing its collective mind over because of an extremely rare superbloom of poppies all over our mountains. Last weekend, officials estimate nearly 100,000 tourists descended on our tiny town with a population of 66,000. The city's solution was to cut off traffic to 2 of the 3 exits to the city and prohibit residents from leaving or returning to the city. Poppy tourists were permitted free reign. Today, the city held a press conference and stated they again plan to put up road blocks at the same two points. Again, residents will not be allowed through them. We are literally being held prisoner in our homes. Do we have any legal recourse? Grounds for a class action lawsuit? That they're keeping us trapped seems not only wrong but of questionable legality.
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