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  1. I’m in Colorado and she stated that it is to be received by his wife Stefanie. And my grandmother is not longer mentally competent.
  2. Hi there, I’m in need of a little bit of advice. My paternal grandmother is in a nursing house and on hospice. My father recently took his life in the beginning of the year. In her will she wrote that her 2 sons would spilt her inheritance evenly once she passed. And if anything happened to one of the sons their half would be split amongst their wives and if one of the wives passed it is passed to their children. This will was written while my parents were still married. They divorced last year. I guess I was just curious in the will, will my mother still receive the inheritance because she is written in it or because they divorced my dads half will all go to me? Thank you for your help and I’ll try to go into more depth if need be!
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