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  1. Regarding my recent work injury where I fell on ice, my employer said that I go to the doctor of my choice to get checked. I was also told that when I go to the doctor, I have to use a personal sick day for the appointment, which is work-related. Furthermore, if I need to take a day off in between the work injury date and the next available doctor appointment (2-day gap) because of the pain from the injuries, then I need to take a sick day. In other words, in both situations, I'm being told to use my personal sick time (vacation time, if not enough sick time) to cover my absence from work when seeking treatment for a work injury. I'm questioning if this is correct. With a different employer elsewhere, this wasn't allowed. I have never taken personal time for anything work-related regarding injuries. The question came up because I was wondering how to handle this on my timecard.
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