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  1. Now when someone else says it besides the age math. . .I recall receiving a call cuz I left my # on the obituary from a guy who said something really strange. . to me not knowing me but knowing of me. He said " Your dad was a schister " he mentioned that he introduced my dad to Mary who he left our family for. Last I saw him I was 8 then again when I was 28 and when he called to say grandma was dying and wanted to see us I had 2 children by then so I took them with me. I know he had a 28ft sailboat, named "Nobel Prize" an Cessna Airplane, 3 homes, and a MonĀ“et painting, cuz he went out of his way to point that out.. . . Oh I got the pic from my Aunt when she passed it is original but I took a pic of a paper copy for the post, so maybe not Eisenhower ? Anyway I know while growing up he was working at Litton , then Rocket Dine, he has a Zoom profile. But it gets me no where company's Do not look up that old of files or do they ?
  2. Well since I found out only Dec 2018 I do have my birth cert and birth registry as well as when he was born but not where Poland ? America ? Both my grandparents on his side as well as aunts and uncles are passed away. my mother an only child . . so tell me if your so good look this up : John Kenneth Raines Death 1-23-2011 Mission Viejo, Calif. B-cert says born 1939 Census says 1940 Place on my cert MO. I have a pic of him don't have a date taken his age at my birth 22 I was born 9-1960 Do the math, Eisenhower has 5 stars metal is sharp shooter corner at bottom says PRESS PICTURE SERVICE Thanks
  3. I'm pretty good at research so let me clarify. Grandmother from Poland immigrated to America in the 1930 census she and 1month old son MY Father are found after that he is nonexistent. . unable to find my Mother and his marriage info My mother later remarried my father then remarried his wife is found but nothing comes up regarding him
  4. My natural father passed 1-23-2011 I found out by accident by looking up obituaries, it did not mention his 3 children, how do I find any info on him as I've been doing a family tree, yet I can not find my birth or my mother & fathers marriage or his military records, I don't know his rank or his status Or his family history, like his father, I do have a press release picture of him with Eisenhower when he was a private with no date. It's all gone dark no leads. His only daughter. Please advise
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