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  1. Okay my son got some traffic tickets in watts oklahoma west siloam spring oklahoma and kansas oklahoma in 2015 he then got arrested for knowingly stolen good so he miss court on the tickets got released on probation then two years letter ended up violating his probation and went to prison in 2017 in Delaware county same county as kansas and west siloam springs and he got out of prison started his probation and they never said anything then my son goes to pay his reinstatement fee and they tell him oklahoma have a national hold on his licence so he calls around to find out why and come to find out he has tickets still. Shouldnt they have been taken care of when he went to prison? Or when they released him shouldnt they have shipped him to that place to deal with it? Is this legal?
  2. Okay I guess I had traffic tickets in Oklahoma from 2015 and I went to prison 2017 in Oklahoma the same county as the tickets shouldn't that have taken care of the tickets? And if not why did they release me from prison let me start my probation and never said anything if I had warrants? Is this legal?
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