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  1. Hello, I am trying to figure out which type of attorney I need because I had a sexual harassment incident in the fall of 2018. My apartment complex was undergoing a major $6 million dollar renovation, so there were male workers coming in and out of my unit on a weekly basis for approximately 2-4 months. During this time, one of the supervisors went out of his way to approach me in an unsolicited sexual manner (physical and verbal). I reported the incident initially to my apartment maintenance worker and a couple of days later, I told my property manager as well as the incident foreman for the renovation company. This worker was immediately terminated, but several weeks later, another co-worker from the renovation company, told me this worker had previously behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner at the previous site (South Carolina). After this incident, I never felt comfortable with the male workers coming into my home. I either was put up in a hotel or stayed at my best friends home anytime the renovation workers entered my home. I am quite sure I have a case after learning this information, but there isn't a selection to choose from for this type of case. Most attorneys I contacted could not represent me because I was not an employee for the renovation company. Can someone please advise me on they type of attorney I need in filing a claim against the renovation company (the renovation company is one of the largest renovation companies in the south).
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