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  1. My fiancé and I went through a tough time around October and November last year and sent our daughter to her grandmothers because she said she wanted to help us and give us time to get back on our feet. My daughter was never without what she needed but we thought she deserved more than what we could give her at the time. We had an agreement that we’d be in constant contact and that we would pick her up again when we were stable which happened around January. After December, Christmas to be exact, the grandmother stopped responding to us and letting us see our daughter. She blocked our numbers and refused our facebook messages and calls. She apparently filed for guardianship but we never received a summons or anything. My husband has custody of his daughter(I’m just stepmom but I’ve raised her from 6 months and she just turned 2). We live in Florida but she is in Fort Wayne which is where grandmother lives. We only found out about the motion for guardianship when my daughters bio mom came out of the blue and told us she got the paperwork. Basically what I need to know is since my husband has custody, can we go get her if we have the custody paperwork? His paternity was established and joint custody with grandmother and him was denied by our county judge last year due to bio mom not agreeing to it. We didn’t know she was going to take our child and not give her back. She’s had her since November and we’ve been trying to get her back since January to no avail because we don’t know what to do. Can she get guardianship without our knowledge? Can we go get her if he has full custody? This woman is psycho. Please help!
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