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  1. My father passed. HIs wife is executor. (Iam daughter of another mom) He left lots of properties to his wife but the are all mortgaged. He left 1 property to me, also mortgaged. "my" property is 1.5 months late in mortgage payment. Wife said she has a regular and NOT estate lawyer! Lawyer told her that any property that has been specifically given to someone in my dad's will is responsibility of that person to pay mortgage. Currently we are not at the disbursement state yet because 1 sister is possibly challenging the estate for 25 K claiming that my dad owes her this money, yet her lawyer has NOT filed yet. MY questions: Since clerk told me it takes about 8 months to settle estate what happens to the homes that the mortgage goes unpaid? I can't pay the mortgage on the home I inherited! Is what the laywer told her about mortgage payments true? Also, Isn't the estate supposed to pay all creditors including any outstanding mortgages of all these homes before a disbursement can be made to me for the house that I inherited? Last question: Can I "refuse" to take the house that I inherited? thanks
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