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  1. Washington State....I only want the 5000.00 back.
  2. I also had to spend money from my savings for the 2nd mechanic. to the tune of 7800.00ish dollars.
  3. We did get the boat back. We took it to another mechanic and he had it done in two weeks. He said he scrubbed and scrubbed with special boat mold spray. Wouldn't not all go away
  4. I hired a local boat mechanic to rebuild my boat motor. He we chose him on a recommendation from a friend. He said he needed the parts money up front $5000.00. We gave him the money for the parts. Then we would pay for labor after. $3,300.00. He took the motor apart spent my $5,000.00 and never ordered the parts. Apparently he got evicted form this location. He put my boat parts in random boxes and took my boat to an undisclosed location. He kept saying he was working on it. He let it sit out with no cover and the interior molded. The block froze and cracked. He said he has no money to pay me back. What should i do next...hire an attorney, small claims? I prefer to not represent myself. I don't know what the next step is. A. Flores
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