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  1. If a traffic stop were made—that did not result in any tickets or citations given— would this interaction be logged someplace where the driver/driver’s family members could see what was recorded as having happened by the police? The story was told to me by my son to supposedly explain why he was home three hours late while simultaneously not responding to any attempts at communication. I would like to trust him but the story sounds off and I want to look into what my child was doing. Originally the infraction was making an illegal turn around resulting in being pulled over. At that point, allegedly, due to a perceived smell of marijuana in the vehicle, additional units were called along with canine units to search the driver and vehicle for suspected illegal drugs. Upon finding nothing, he was at that time allowed to leave with no citations (aka conveniently no proof of the incident whatsoever). Since this was more than just a verbal warning for an unsafe turn, and required back up to be called along with drug dogs, it’s got to be made record of somewhere—however it is his name on the title of the car so I don’t know that it would be possible for me as a parent to get the answers I need. Sorry for the long post I am open to any advice thank you. This is New York State if it matters
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