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  1. Re........VA: Centric Premium High-Carbon Brake Rotor Pair Front If you paid for these rotors Part # 125.47022-GRP do you think you should get it? or just some unknown brand? Would you believe that original equipment subaru calipers would be delivered in a Nugeon box? If they had the original equioment calipers its because that is what they took off my car. They are required to keep the old parts. I don't think they have the old and new original equipment calipers. The problem started when they removed all of the brake parts, calipers, pads and rotors and refused to show them to me. The next problem was when they put parts on the car that did not match the work order. If there was an accident and the brakes failed they could say that they didn't put those parts on the car. This is not a matter of how good a mechanic you are. It's doesn't get any simpler. The parts on the car have to match the work order and invoice. So when you put it all together I was sold a list of parts then caught them putting different parts on the car. They have an obligation under the law to keep the old parts and they don't have them. They want to call the old parts new parts. They have to have them both and they don't. That's why it is going to be taken seriously. They will be caught in their lies.
  2. The first shop checked the brakes and said I only needed pads and rotors in the front. I didn't have the job done at that time. So what I have is evidence that I didn't need calipers or anything on the rear brakes. Read my initial post and you will see what the second shop did. The work order lists the parts that I told I would get. Thats why I accepted it. Changing the parts has two problems. a. I am not getting the quality parts that I paid for. b. I would have no warranty since if there was a problem they would say the parts on the car are not the parts on the order, so they must not have installed them.
  3. I had my brakes done at a national franchise shop. They gave me an invoice that listed the high quality parts that I ordered. They told me I could get a ride home and they would bring me back when it was done. They called to tell me that the caliper brackets had broken bolts and they had to order new bolts that take three days to get. While I was there I saw that all of the parts they were trying to put on my car were the cheapest available and not what was on my invoice. If the bolts did not break they would have finished the job and I would not have known what I had. They agreed to get the parts that I originally ordered. I think I should report this to the police since they were caught in the act of trying to rob me. Besides the cheap parts I would have had no warranties since the parts did not match the invoice. If the brakes failed or caused an accident they would have said that is not what was on the invoice and would have denied any responsibility. I think this is a crime. It sounds like they were caught in the act of robbing me.This was a $1600 job with the correct parts. They planned to replace the entire brake system. I signed a work order that says they have a mechanics lien if I don't pay them. I am not going to pay for work that I did not need. I have photo evidence, emails, and a receipt from another repair shop, only a few weeks ago that said I only needed front Brake pads, and rotors. What happens with the mechanics lien if I just let them keep the car. I thought that was their remedy and I could just leave the car there. It's not worth paying $1600 for, and I wouldn't be surprised if it had some new issues that they would have created.I plan to bring this to the police because it is an obvious crime ( Larceny).
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