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  1. From Property Management, gave no reason. My lease was 30 day lease, from month to month.
  2. How can I get an extension for more time when I have been mailed a termination of tenancy that says I have 30 days to be out. Ive read this is not the same thinfg as an eviction notice. Would I have to be served with a Evicition Notice too.
  3. Possibly because I was unfamiliar with the site being it was first time I used it. However the post I read referred to foreclosure and judgements which would be in the same ballpark. I suggest you not be such a s_ _ _ _ a_ _!!!!! People may be going through sensitive issues. Thank You
  4. Hi, I need advise on the subject of recovering equity after foreclosure sale, and its sounds like that might be something you might could help me with. Please advise

  5. My home was sold at foreclosure auction by Regions Mortgage to Fannie Mae on 7/7/18 for the amount owed on loan which was $93,000, Fannie Mae is now selling it for $185,500. Could I be entitled to any of the equity that is left after fees and charges. Also, I was under the impression the 2 were in some way both the lender.
  6. Is there any hope of my recovering equity in my foreclosed home. 7/7/18 Regions Mortgage sold home to Fannie Mae for 93,000 (owed balance) and is now listed for 185,500. I was under the impression that 2 were kind of like " one in the same".
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