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  1. What I am asking is what would determine when I should have known. I did not even think that I had been injured due to failure to diagnose until just last week when I felt comfortable enough to discuss the embarrassing parasites and the cancer with a cancer survivor who told me that the doctor should had screened for cancer immediately, due to my age and the symptoms. When would the SOL start my first doctor visit, Eight months later when diagnosed, six weeks after diagnosis when tumor removed and staged, or when I was told that the doctor should had screened for cancer my first visit.
  2. malpractice statute of limitations in CA start when you should have known you were injured. Well if I went to my doctor and he failed to diagnose colon cancer at age 56 or even screen for it. but turned me over to another doctor in his office eight months later after treating me for parasites (worms) and I had weight loss, chronic constipation, always very tiered, feeling like I would vomit, pain in stomach. had been out of work for over year, fighting for SSDI , homeless for a few, until I got my SSDI, was a victim of ID thief all in the same time line would that stop the statute of limitations clock for any time I am claiming I could not function , because of the cancer and its treatment and all of the other problems. I have no family in CA they live in north Carolina and they discarded me 12 years go for being homosexual.
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