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  1. I write better than someone who has the username payrollguy and works with numbers. is this how you introduce yourself to people? I never did anything to you. on the other hand the virginia "lawyer" initiated negative contact with me, insulting me by insuinating that i would threaten some violence on the property manager. it is obvious go ahead and read slowly don't type on a calculator while you read, he is asking for more documentation because obviously the property became available. I pride myself on writing well, I'm a published novelist. You on the other hand are an obvious asshat!
  2. What did the Landlord tell you or its property manager tell you as to why your daughter can't move in even though she was allowed to live with you before? Sometimes apartment complexes change their "House Rules," or policies. I am a Sec. 8 voucher holder, also living in Calif. I wish you the best.
  3. Maybe it is because she has an 18 month child who can cry and cause a noise disturbance? There are Fair Housing Laws and Federal Discrimination Laws started by a good Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson in the 60s in his "war on poverty campaign" not just the US Constitution.
  4. You used to be an attorney in Virginia? Wow...Maybe brush up on your reading skills and read some books on positive thinking. I never mentioned I would "include violence and / or legal redress," but that is something Any rental agent would consider the consequences of scamming a potential disabled tenant and think twice--that's just objective.
  5. You're reading way too much into this. You mis-read....That's only speculation. You don't scam disabled people. They belong to a protected class that gets handled with kid gloves. I'm just offering things that apt managers would take into consideration.
  6. Sorry, I don't know how to add an update, so instead I will "Submit a Reply" The Apt. Manager called me 5 min ago, he was in a good mood, sounded jovial, said he understood "anxiety." He asked me to hold tight, we're moving closer to a lease signing. I reminded him (because i mentioned to him I was scammed once a long time ago by an apt. mgr that had no authority to rent the property and took my security deposit) that it would be difficult to use the saying "give up a bird in hand for one that's in the field." He said he could not give any other assurances. But, by implication, the time spent on this, and trying to obtain compliance info. making an appointment for me to come down, showing me the actual apt. unit, etc., is proof that he won't scam me. As an aside, I did ask a tenant looking through his mail while I was waiting for the apt. manager 3 days ago what he thought of him, he replied he thought "he was chill." Anyway, that should be enough. I am going to turn down the other option if they contact me. Feel free to add any other things as a note or a caution or caveat emptor if I should do anything further, in addition to what I plan on doing now which is merely wait until the Section 8 inspection is conducted on this apt. unit and then sign a lease the other proof that I have (by implication) that I won't be scammed and that this is Legit-- is why would someone like an apt. manager try to scam a Federally-recognized disabled person, not only does it make for bad publicity, but it might be something that throws someone off the edge and might invoke retribution which could include violence and / or legal redress? (rhetorical question) thank you.
  7. Title: Are Apartment Managers Duty Bound as Agents for their Landlord principals-- before Section 8 inspections to not let personal issues with potential tenants deny such tenants? Hi, thanks in advance for any constructive help I applied for an apartment as a Section 8 voucher holder in January 2019 The apt. manager told me a current tenant was moving to Mexico and then later on told me he decided to buy a home in Nor Cal and then decided to stay where they currently were (maybe the current tenant's wife had some influence on his quirky wishy washy decisions?, I don't know) Then at that point he told me a unit was abandoned This apt manager told me he had to inspect the unit and call me back either Friday or Monday, he never did. I called him, left him an answering machine message and also faxed something to him in writing. Upon getting the fax he called me left me a voice mail indicating that there was extensive damage and to turn the property would take "several months," typically such a phrase ("several" usually means 5-7 (months) I had passed the rental history part, my credit he said was not as good, it was not established, so I had to pay double the security deposit (double $1038 = $2080) Anyway, I only know his 1st name, he never offered me his last name or an e-mail address or a business card, etc. There are no reviews on the web about this property, the only one is on google whereby potential tenants don't leave a review, but 1 star out of 4 indicating that they want to know if there are any vacancies, leading me to believe, he is unresponsive. Because he only seems to inform me of news when I call him, rather than him calling me, because of the above forgoing, no photos of the apt. on the web, and because at one point obviously I asked to see the avaialbe unit but was told it was occupied or being worked on, and because I asked for a floor plan, he said he did not have it, and yet did not offer me the square footage, All of this seemed unconvential. He wanted me to come in 3 days ago to show him my Food stamp balance, I did him one better and provided an updated bank statement with my new bank which he asked for 3 weeks prior to that, but forgot to ask me Then I told him, I have another apartment complex interested in me, which was the truth. After all from January 2019 to May 2019 is 4-5 months since I paid a $20 deposit to not the company listed at the actual complex but to another company, which might just merely be the landlord's d/b/a 'doing business as' legal name This apt manager is rude and sometimes, gives the aura that he does not really care about his job I'm disabled, he knows that, he has seen my social security disability benefits letter. Here's the crux or the issue, he told me he was tired of me asking the same question (probably because he was upset that I revealed to him, that another apt complex is interested in me) I was nice enough to apologize, and even told him in a civilized way, 'please forgive me, but I just want to make sure," at which point, he said that's fine, yet again added insult to injury by not really accepting my apology but yet again saying, I accept your apology I just dont like repeating the same thing again and again I was upset and said , what is it that is being repeated again and again by me? He said the RFTA package (an official 2-3 pg. form that is sent to the Federal Housing Commission which governs Section 8 housing) and stands for Request for Tenancy Approval. I kind of then scowled at him, using no profanity, Then I went home vented to my friends and family and decided to call him leaving three (3) four minute maximum - length answering machine messages, 1 of which said, I didn't like how he insulted my intelligence, but I forgive him (although he didn't ask for forgiveness) and that I hope he forgives me and I hope we can move past this. I then added on one of the 3 answering machine messages that a copy of the RFTA would be enough--an original was not needed and that I had a copy in my file to bring to him He gives off the impression that he is mean I said to myself, let it go, but as a disabled person abused as a young child and bullied also, i learned how to fight for my rights and not to let anyone talk to me like that. I never used profanity, but....I did ask him to call me back to let me know if I was still a viable candidate. It's been a day and a half and he has not called me. Is this or any apartment manager duty-bound to look past this?....and as an Agent for the Landlord say hey, as long as he is a person that has enough income, past the rental history and can pay the security deposit, I'm obligated to let him move in? I mean, imagine, the Landlord, the Principal who hired him as an on-site Apt. manager asks what happened to the person with the regular reliable social security disability income and a section 8 federal housing voucher? You showed him the property.... he provided ALL the compliance documents like a bank statement and a running balance on his california food stamps? What happened to him? Would not the apt. mgr get in trouble if he denied me only because I stood up for my rights. I would never have acted this way out of anxiety if he required a hold deposit, if he did things conventional normal Apt. managers do things, like offer his last name, his e-mail address, a photo of the available unit, or offer the square footage. I only found out Friday of last week that it is a whopping 800 square feet 1 bedroom and I'm like (to myself) -- you could not have told me this before? It was very frustrating. If I knew it was 800 sq. feet, I would have chosen this unit for sure instead of the 200 sq. foot studio that is my 2nd option referred to above. So again, here is the heart of the question: *Is this or any apartment manager duty-bound to look past this (assertive remarks left on an answering machine by a tenant that has passed all due diligence and compliance documents that the Landlord requires)?....and as an Agent for the Landlord say hey, as long as he is a person that has enough income, passed the rental history and can pay the security deposit, I'm obligated to let him move in? Thanks again for any constructive help. God bless
  8. "Filing a case" involves getting a court date. A court date just does not magically appear. The court clerk looks into a calendar and depending on the court's schedule makes a court date 3-6 weeks in advance only After the notice has expired. Otherwise, any landlord can prepare a notice and whether or not the tenant has paid or not, or if the landlord simply does not like the way the tenant looks at his girlfriend can ruin some tenant's record with a formal eviction. anyone else please?
  9. I think you're wrong Reenzz I've read that the "eviction" takes place only once a judge schedules a "court date" and hears both sides to a dispute--and the "court date" happens whobviously after the expiration of a 3 day, 30 day or 60 day notice and the Landlord notices that the events leading to the notice have not been remedied and thereafter calls the court clerk to schedule an eviction. I know pretty much that notices do not get filed, that's just seems to be common sense. Any landlord can send whatever notices it feels is in accordance or has a gut feeling on Only a Judge can file an eviction and record it, the way a Deed or a Mortgage is recorded with the county clerk. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is the case. I've been living as a roommate, although not on any formal lease for 2 and a half years, on a month to month tenancy, a RECENT (30 minutes ago) google search indicated as such, given the length of my month to month tenancy (2 yrs),-- a 60 day notice is required. Once a court date is scheduled with the clerk, depending on its busy schedule, it could be 3-4 weeks into the future add that to the days in the Notice and we're looking at 1 month and a half of me trying to amass enough money to move elsewhere and then pay back this landlord back-rent with interest once I get settled. Yes, I'm pretty sure this is the case, I just need someone with legal experience to confirm it. Can anyone confirm this, please? Please don't make hasty conclusions as to I want to know how long I can live rent free before an eviction gets filed, I have the best of intentions and am a religious person who will pay back my landlord when I move elsewhere as I am expected a huge lump sum of money from a Trust in 3 months, it's just the landlord keeps saying he needs the money now. Thank you, in advance, for any constructive advice....
  10. Hello, I'm a Roommate living in California, paying $800 a month directly to the landlord on a month to month basis; The Landlord wants to evict me, because after 2 years of paying on time or early, I have fallen on tough times and simply cannot afford $800 a month. I have been paying him piece meal these last 3 months ever since the Federal Government shutdown. He's been accepting it. Recently, he said I could pay him weekly at $150 a week, I plan to pay him the week beginning Monday March 11, 2019 $150 and the week beginning Monday March 18, 2019, $150 but the week beginning Monday March 25, 2019, I cannot pay him anything, I need my resources on other essentials such as food etc. Someone in my situation who lives in California and is not under a lease, but a month to month roommate, who shares 1 room in addition to 3 other roommates, who are not related to me, nor are friends, just acquaintances, How much time do I have before the Landlord files in the state of California, an Unlawful Detainer for non-payment of rent until the formal eviction? I would move just before the eviction gets filed and surrender the keys only because I have no other option and I'd use whatever I'd save for a security deposit elsewhere. My main concern is to not have a formal eviction on my record which would make it almost impossible to find tenancy elsewhere. So in order to avoid a formal eviction on my record, here in California state, I would surrender my house keys to the Landlord in how much time? Before a Landlord Tenant Judge issues an eviction date so that I can present my side of the story? How much time is that? The Landlord claims he will serve me with a 3 day notice, but I have been living there for 2 years (paying rent in full on time and often early) and only the last 3 months have I been short on rent. I get my mail here so .... Isn't a 30 day notice required and then there is a court date 3-4 weeks away? So, how much am I looking at before a formal eviction gets filed and ruins my prospects for tenancy elsewhere? In the above example 30 days (amount of days of a 30 day notice) then 3-4 weeks later when an eviction court date is set up, so....1 month and 2 weeks? So is it 1 month and 2 weeks? Thank you so much for any useful and decent help you could provide me. I'm so worried. I will pay him what I owe him when I get back on track again and I've told him that, but he is very demanding. Thank you, again.
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