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  1. I am pregnant. I am an Assistant lead housekeeper. After I found out the lead housekeeper and manager asked if I was pregnant, I had just found out so I told them yes. We all decided that the position of assistant lead I was working would be too much for me and offered me front desk or housekeeper. I tried front desk and it was too much so I went with housekeeping which I had done before. the lead housekeeper left so the manager asked me to go back to Assistant lead and another girl would take position of lead housekeeper. I agreed to work it for a short time until they found a replacement and then go back again to Housekeeping. After almost 2 months (I thought would only be a couple weeks) I got bad back pain and was doing far more work then i felt I could handle.(taking on cleaning about 8 of my own rooms and acting as lead, deep cleaning being expected to lift the mattress and box spring and change the covers which I refused to do) I asked and the manager said they had not yet found a replacement because all who applied had bad backgrounds. So I came in to work one housekeeper did a no call no show and left 13 rooms still needing to be done. Which usually when this happens we either divide the rooms between the other housekeepers or I must do them. Since the other housekeepers were at max for how many rooms we would give them it was pretty much left to me. I started by making beds in 4 of the rooms. While doing this I got a call from a long distance best friend of mine who I’ve known for 17 years. I worked making beds WHILE talking to her on the phone. She asked why I would clean 13 rooms and be the lead that was a lot of work for me being pregnant and suggested the manager come help do some rooms. I told her in the year I’ve worked for the company the manager had never cleaned any of the rooms she does only front desk work mostly from what I’ve seen and also has a rule that I run towels up to guests and rooms and she should never do so. That I have high doubts she would come split the 13 rooms with me. I also spoke about personal things while on the phone. At some point the manager came in yelling I hung up the phone and she told me she had stood outside listening to me on the phone for 10 mins and I was rude and disrespectful and she is not lazy and helps all the time and could not believe what I said on the phone. I could not handle her yelling at me as I’m pregnant I walked out of the room and headed for the elevator and she said fine leave while following me and continuing to tell me that she cleans rooms all the time. I told her that I was venting in a private conversation because this job has become to hard for me I’ve been the assistant lead this whole time and its too much for me and she already knows that. She yelled, tossed the clip board into my cart, and said she would be lead for the day and I could go clean rooms then and walked off. I felt very stressed that the work environment would be tense so I followed her and apologized for what I said on the phone and told her I only said those things because this job has become to hard. She continued to walk away. I bacame very emotional and cried I felt I needed to leave work after being yelled at and not listened too about having too much work. I clocked out and left. This same manager that yelled at me often talked badly about other employees openly. She talks about one of the front desk workers hygiene/unwashed hair and how slowly she works saying that it’s like working with a turtle she talked another time about a different employees hygiene saying that if she looks like that she can’t imagine how gross her house is and after firing an employee she told the other employees the details about why she fired this employee for stealing and how they caught her on camera. I’m wanting to file an HR complaint but can only find the owners number and not hr. I’m wondering if I should call the owner to complain or ask for hr? I’m also wondering if I will qualify for unemployment under the grounds that I quit under duress?
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