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  1. Thank you both for your input. We are going to get a copy of the original child support order for clarification and use your suggestions to proceed from there.
  2. Even if the father resides in NY and the CS is taken out of his paycheck? Will that ensure defaulting to PA law?
  3. Separated for 15 years with a child support decree from NY where the father resides for $1,900 per month. Mother and 18 year old daughter reside in PA and have for almost 15 years. PA law states child support ends at 18 or upon HS graduation, whichever is later. She is 18 and will graduate in June. Never divorced in order to allow mother to remain on health insurance. Getting divorced now and since CS case is open, it must be written into divorce. NY attorney says it must continue until 21 but child doesn't reside in NY. Please advise. Backstory, mother left other three children, who were older, 15 years ago, in custody of father and did not contribute to their support. She kept youngest, made an untruthful, unfounded claim against father and although it was proven to be false and all charges dropped, told the child it was a fact from the age of 3. Child did not have any visitation with father since then, although not through courts, just kept away. As with many, money is not used for child, it is used as mother's paycheck and mother is always looking for additional money from other children or father.
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