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  1. You have to look at the landlords point of view. He does not want the other tentants bothered, They also pay rent.I know you where being really nice but the landlord has rules you have to follow. I would write him a letter and say it will not happen again
  2. I had no issues so far--My friends like them--I just hope they stand by their word
  3. I am suggesting to start putting up good stuff about you online and push the other stuff down
  4. I am in this line of work. You have to push it farther down Google. Very hard to get it removed unless you talk to the company that posted it and ask them to remove it
  5. Make sure you get a really good estate lawyer thast does not eat up all your inheritance
  6. You have to stand up for yourself and prove you are telling the truth.
  7. Did they find anything--Did you stay parked for awhile?
  8. Its an Act of God many insurance claims will tell you. Your company did not create the wind. Juliano Fernandes
  9. In Tenn you get you deposit back minus what you owe them.
  10. Honestly Buyer beware on this one. Unless you have it in written he states no issues you are going to be hung out to dry
  11. I made the move and jumped on a warranty company--I hope I made the right decision
  12. Yes--I totally agree. I am going to look over the policies and decide. So much fine print,They have a clause for everything
  13. Thanks for your reply Kreshey. I am still debating.I have feeling if I do not take out My car will break down the next day.
  14. Thanks for the advice-- I am not going to take out the extra warranty. Juliano Fernandes
  15. I was wondering what king lawyer I need for an Adoption. I was wondering what does it cost to juliano fernandes
  16. I need advice with a warranty on my car.Do I need to take out an extra warranty on my car to protect my investment? It's a 2013 Volvo Thanks
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