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  1. In August of 2017, I was living with a business partner in Florida. The partnership was then dissolved and I was asked to vacate the premises. At the time, I was the legal owner of a “vehicle.” I was not able to immediately remove afore mentioned vehicle from the property with my belongings, as it was not in working condition and able to be driven. I told the property owner I would try to find arrangements. The vehicle was towed by a towing on August 25, 2017 at the request of the property owner before I could have a chance to move it. I was not notified of this and was not given any knowledge of its whereabouts by the property owner or towing company until late in December 2018. No contracts or agreements were established between the towing company and I for towing or storage of the vehicle, as there was no contact at all upon the removal of the vehicle from the property. 26 days after the company towed the vehicle to their establishment, they filed a Good Faith Notice to obtain a lien on the vehicle. This notice was not sent to the correct owner of the vehicle on record (myself), nor was it sent to the lien holder (Bank I had a loan through). They sent the notice to a person that looks to have been the 3rd previous owner of the vehicle. I have the vehicle registration clearly stating my ownership of the vehicle from purchasing it. So I know that without a doubt, I have proof of proper ownership. But, from my understanding, these the owner of the vehicle and any lienholder must be notified by certified mail to properly obtain a lien per a Good Faith Notice. After filing this and failing to notify the proper parties, they obtained a lien, and then title, on the vehicle and sold it to an unidentified third party. In result of the company’s negligence to properly file paperwork and incorrectly acquiring the title to sell the vehicle, am I able to seek out the value of the vehicle, per the loan amount that I had borrowed? I’ve talked to a few lawyers but they’ve all said that the automotive field is somewhat of a specialty and they aren’t really able to help me even though it seems I have a decent case against them. I have all of the paperwork on the vehicle and copies of notices sent by the towing company, etc. Where do I go from here?
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