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  1. Thank you for your response! Our attorney is also at a loss with the stunts the executor and estate attorney have been up to - so hopefully we will get some resolution at the hearing to remove the Executor at the 4/12/19 hearing.
  2. Sorry - let me state the question - as a question! Can we stop the Executor from filing the Certificates of Transfer for the parcels of property - until after the hearing to remove the Executor takes place in April 2019? The properties have been managed poorly - and we are concerned about the liability.
  3. My Father's Estate has been tied up in probate for 4 years due to numerous delays and mismanagement by the Executor. The will left all 3 heirs property only. I am one of 3 heirs - and the Executor is also an estranged heir. Two of us have filed a petition to remove the Executor and we have a court date in April. I have just been notified that the Estate Attorney is in the process of filing Certificates of Transfer now - without completing all of the other filings needed to close this estate (Land Sale Complaint, No taxes filed in 4 years, past due partial accountings, income from the properties not disbursed in 4 years for the farming, rents, oil/gas revenues, and the properties bequeathed to two of us have not been maintained as the Executor's properties have.) Question: I have been told that there is nothing that we can do to stop the certificates of transfer from being filed - which I have also been told absolves the Executor of all responsibility in the property's care and maintenance. We have not been able to make any head way - with our own attorney in our petition to close the estate because we have been told that the Estate Attorney has reported to the court that the estate is out of money - even though there is a non-bequeathed parcel in probate that should be the first property used to pay the fees? Any assistance would be appreciated!
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