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  1. Thank you. That's what I thought. The lawyer appears to be trying to intimidate me into reducing my fees. At least that's my take on it. If he is going to quote 3040 (f), then he should know who it applies to.
  2. Other party accepted responsibility. It was a rear-end collision on the freeway. Also, I am not subject to sub-division (a) or (b) which applies to insurance companies or practices with multiple clinics. I am a solo practitioner
  3. I treated a patient after an auto accident and got a lien signed by both her and her attorney. She was not at fault and the other party's insurance is responsible. My total medical bill is $4175.00 and I discharged her as condition resolved without complication. I am a solo practitioner, that is, I am not with a medical / chiropractic group. Her attorney received a settlement offer of $7500.00 and stated that I was legally responsible to reduce my fees due to the Made Whole and Common Fund Doctrines and cited CA Civil code 3040(f). I disagreed and stated I had a lien and that I am not required to reduce my fees. He is suggesting he will file an interpleader if I don't reduce. Can he do this? I might add that my fees are lower than the Medicare fee schedule, which I can prove.
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