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  1. Hello, I'm just an aunt looking to see if there is a case or not. My brother and his wife divorced over a year ago, They did go to court and established visitation and child support about 4 months afterwards. In the court agreement it stated they needed to stay within 50 miles of each other, and be able to have phone calls with the children (2 children). About 2 months ago, the Ex Wife jumped state without approval to Kentucky due to her house being sold on back taxes. She went to Kentucky to live with her mother, her mother kicked them out after 2 weeks. Currently they are living in a hotel in Kentucky. Since then see does not allow myself (aunt), my parents (grandparents) or my brother (paternal father) to talk (we have spoken to them 1 time since the jump) or allow us to come down to Kentucky to see them. My brother did file this through the courts about the leaving state and court is this month. Both parents aren't the best fits for the children but that's a matter of my own biased opinion. IF she doesn't come to that court hearing (99% chance she wont) what will happen then with the children? and her? Do my parents (grandparents) have any legal rights ? Can CPS step in because they are living in a hotel ? Being that the Mother has put the children into 3 different school systems in 3 years, clothes torn or dirty, no job, house jumping (this isn't the first time she has been technically homeless) and breaching their court agreement. The father is willing to sign rights of the children to my parents (grandparents), can my parents go to temporary custody of these children bases on these issues? there are a few other things but i think I'm a courts eyes its more of a feeling bias than a true legal safety concern. Last question, what can we legally do to get the children back into Indiana ? Thank you for your time.
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