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    every person that I have talked to when asked why they're not following their own company policy the answer is we only issue gift cards for refundI purchased a protection plan from a large box store. I canceled it before the plan expired and so was being issued a refund. I had switch Banks so I explained that I no longer had the debit card I used and asked for a check. I was told that I would receive gift cards. After this conversation I decided to check the year refund policy and it said that I could be issued a check if it was under a certain amount I called the customer service number and requested a check and was told that they do not issue checks it is only in the form of gift cards I explained to the gentleman that I do not want the gift cards I told him their policy stays if it is under a certain amount that I could be issued a check he told me he was going to go talk to a supervisor and then the call was lost.I decided I would call again the next day because I was on hold for 30 minutes before I could speak to anybody and did not wish to wait that again the next day I received the gift cards in the mail.I took them to the store to see if they would just redeem them for cash as their company policy and was told that they cannot do that by absolutely no means. I was also told that they only issue gift cards for refunds which it does not state that in the refund policy. I called the customer service number and was told that because they already mailed the cards I had to take them I told her I did not want the cards I paid for it with a debit card which is the same as cash I would appreciate a check for a refund. I was told there is nothing that anybody can do and that I just have to accept the cards when I asked to speak with a supervisor she told me that she would get a supervisor she came back on the line and told me I had to get the bank that I no longer had an account with to join a 3-way call so that they could verify that I did not have the account and that once again that they only issue gift cards for refunds. Which is not stated in their return policy. I also spoke to a representative on a forum page and they explained to me that it's the policy that to verify before they issue a refund and when I asked them why did they send me the gift cards and the only reason that they had to verify with the bank is because I was asking for a cash refund and explain to him once again it was done on a debit card 7 months ago so there is nothing they need to verify and it should not matter if I closed the account or not all I wanted is the cash refund I have called their customer service their corporate office to no avail. They're not even following their own company written policy on refunds and I have been told numerous reasons of why and none of them have been the same it is systemic through their whole company through a store near where I live to their 1-800 number to their corporate office I know I am not the only person and is this legal for a business to not adhere their own policy. if the refund policy was strictly gift cards should that not have to be printed somewhere
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