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  1. This question is for my 17 year old granddaughter her parents moved to Nebraska in August 2018 and left her in Idaho where she stays with people and older sibling for her last year of high school . She will be 18 May 18th and graduates from her High School in Idaho June 1st. In Idaho she will be considered emancipated at age 18 in May. Her parents want her to come to Nebraska for a few weeks or the summer. She however is aware Nebraska says children are not emancipated until age 19. However she has never resided in Nebraska nor does she intend to. She just wants to visit her parents and 3 younger siblings for a few weeks after her high school graduation and has things lined up for apprenticeship training this fall and by Idaho and Washington State law she is emancipated. The program is in Washington state. She is worried if she goes visit in Nebraska her dad especially might try and make her stay there until age 19. So the question is if she is already legally emancipated in another state. Does she lose this if she visits her parents in Omaha, NE. I told her I would try and get some info on this. Her older sister is also concerned and her older sister is her legal guardian right now per the parents agreement she is 22. Thanks for any help.
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